Portable Pet Water Bottle


Are you looking for an easy way to give your dog water? Do you take your dog with you everywhere? or If you plan on taking your dog out for long periods of time you need this! 

Instead of making your hands into a makeshift bowl or pouring out your water bottle hoping they can get some of the stream. Try the Portable Pet Water Bottle! The unique design creates a bowl-like feel for dogs so they feel comfortable and can stay hydrated to play with you all day! Some key features of this product include: 

  • Made of environmentally friendly material 
  • An anti-bacterial material, safe and healthy.
  • One-touch waterproof button, easy to use.
  • Food grade plastic material
  • Lightweight, Portable and very durable.

With summer heat rolling in fast, make sure your pets stay hydrated! SOO what are you waiting for get yours today and keep those pups cool and hydrated!