Baby Mosquito Repellent Pendant

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Summer's here and that means it's mosquito bite season again! If you have a little boy or girl that needs protection this season then this is a great product to look at! These little clips hook right onto to your baby's sleeve or pant waist for ultimate protection from the little pests flying around them! These little clips are super safe and will keep your baby from itching all summer long!


  • Function:It can be deducted in the bag, collar, cuffs, hat,shoelaces and other places you can be deducted.

  • It can be loaded into the original bag when not use, in order to increase the service life.

  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor for 2-3 months.

  • Super waterproof performance, can also play in the water.

  • Attention:Children under 3 years can not eat and must under the supervision of parents.

  • Size: 3.5*4cm